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Okay but this

just reminds me of this

and I can’t unsee it.

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do you see these two?!!?

#when captain america was accidentally a romcom#before everything went to shit and i got sad (via shechasesrabits)

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Never lose your sense of wonder




Never lose your sense of wonder


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shout-out to that one guy in the mage origin who accidentally sets himself on fire in the library


shout-out to that one guy in the mage origin who accidentally sets himself on fire in the library

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magesmagesmages replied to your post “[[MOR]Also! They mentioned Stephen Strange, does that mean he’s…”

There’s a Dr Strange movie in pre-production.

Ooooh, is there really? I think I saw something about that on IMDB, but a lot of stuff on there may or may not actually be happening, so I didn’t think much of it. Neat!

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I’m way too emotionally compromised to say anything coherent, so bullet points:

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Suit up.

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Why “Assemble?” As battle cries go, it’s a little square. Wouldn’t a more fitting call to action for earth’s mightiest heroes be something like “AVENGE TO THE END!” or “TOGETHER WE PUNCH THE FACE OF DEATH!”

The Avengers aren’t really about that. They weren’t born with a special chromosome that gives them a familial bond. They weren’t all given powers after being exposed to cosmic rays. They weren’t raised together in a warrior tribe. They’re individuals, who’d certainly much rather be doing their own thing.

Then, they get the call. ASSEMBLE!

Iron Man is in a crucial board meeting and leaves unceremoniously, exasperating his shareholders. The Hulk is volunteering at a local animal shelter and is totally buried in puppies, but he leaps away. After nearly an hour of writing, Quicksilver is THIS CLOSE to finishing his memoir, totally trashing all the other Avengers, but snaps his laptop closed, forgetting to save. Giant Man is secretly killing all the ice cream in Avengers Mansion by shrinking it, squirreling it away to his lab, and eating it at full size. (The ice cream he leaves melting drips onto a robot prototype that he’s working on, and there will certainly be consequences, but that’s a story for another day.) Wasp is sipping a mimosa and reading this month’s issue of Manly Adventure Tales which Hank left lying around. She zips out the window before the magazine hits the ground. Hawkeye stops twerking in the mirror and straps on his bow, giving one final quick wink to his reflection. Captain America has been quietly staring at old photographs of his dead friends for hours, so part of him is glad to get out of the house. Scarlet Witch puts down her knitting (It’s a red scarf. Surprise.) Thor is polishing his hammer. It bothers him to leap into battle with a half-polished hammer, but he grits his teeth, quiets his OCD and flies off to join his comrades.

They assemble. The world gets saved. What brings them together, what gets them to assemble, is the only thing they have in common: The fact that they’re ready to risk their own extraordinary lives to save ordinary people. That they can put their respective super-egos and dramas aside and assemble to fight the world’s greatest threats is what defines them.

by Rogan Josh

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This scene was perfect

That time James Bond replied to homoerotic taunting not with some macho no homo bullshit, but by calmly implying he was bisexual anyway and somehow did not suddenly cease to be awesome but instead roughly doubled in awesome points.

I love this scene so much. 

 [ sweating intensifies ]

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those greying temples *fans self*

I know right I just

That is not fair. HOW DARE YOU be elegantly greying. NO.